Allied health professions have evolved rapidly over recent decades in response to the growing need for a health workforce with the capability to deliver specialised health services in a range of settings.They fulfil necessary roles in the health care system, including assisting, facilitating, and complementing the work of physicians and other health care specialists.

Better teaching and utilization of the whole range of the skills of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), is the key to health-sector reforms in the field. Allied Health Science Courses at St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, run as a wing of St. John's Medical College and makes use of the infrastructure and the teaching faculty of medical college. The intent of training is to encourage dedicated personnel like religious Sisters and priests who are running a large number of hospitals and dispensaries, mainly in medically underserved and rural areas of our country to deliver the health care effectively. The course helps all those who are deeply committed and sensitive to the need of patients as well as community.

St. John's strives to meet challenges of the present and the future by being adaptive and innovative, reviewing the ever-growing demands of the medical community for the associated support of Allied Health Services.

Educational Objectives

  1. To build professionally superior and ethical health care professionals, develop socially responsible individuals, and to be recognized amongst top allied health science schools globally through fostering in-depth learning, creativity and service.
  2. To develop compassionate, ethically sound and socially committed health care professionals to provide service to the humanity keeping in mind the Christian values.

The undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS)

Courses of Study:

Name of the Course Number of Seats Duration of Course Internship
Regular Lateral Entry
B.Sc., Medical Laboratory Technology(MLT) 20 2 3yrs 6mths
B.Sc., Medical Imaging Technology(MIT) 20 2 3yrs 6mths
B.Sc., Renal Dialysis Technology(RDT) 20 2 3yrs 6mths
B.Sc., Cardiac Perfusion Technology(CPT) 05 - 3yrs 6mths
Bachelor of Physiotherapy(B.PT) 40 - 4yrs 6mths
M.Sc., MLT in Biochemistry 10 - 2yrs -
M.Sc., MLT Microbiology & Immunology 10 - 2yrs -
M.Sc., MLT Haematology & Transfusion Medicine 10 - 2yrs -

The Allied Health Science courses, prepares the student

  1. To be part of the health care team.
  2. To support the medical team with closely related functions for complete treatment.
  3. To be part of Value Education activities of the institution.
  4. To uphold ethical values associated with the health care practices.
  5. To give quality care to patients in context to the laboratory/ hospital based competitive problem solving approach
  6. To critically evaluate and engage in research activities.
  7. To participate in the continuing medical education, workshops and other scientific meetings which helps them towards the professional development.
  8. To acquire leadership abilities.
  9. To function effectively as educators and managers with the application of modern concepts and technology.
  10. Develop understanding of multidisciplinary and multidimensional nature of hospital working and acquire basic insight into functional discipline.

Unique Features:

  1. Training imparted in an accredited institution
  2. Pool of qualified and experienced teaching faculty
  3. Infrastructure:
    1. Adequately ventilated large lecture halls and custom made practical halls
    2. State of the art laboratories and accredited laboratory for Medical Laboratory Technology students.
    3. Full-fledged units for students of renal dialysis technology, Medical Imaging Technology and Cardio thoracic surgery students for appropriate practical exposure.
    4. Wifi enabled campus
    5. Excellent library facilities
  4. Strong knowledge base and skills on various aspects of the speciality
  5. Extensive hospital postings in parent departments daily for practical exposure
  6. Payment of Stipend for B.Sc., interns and M.Sc., MLT students
  7. High pass percentage and many distinctions
  8. Student participation in seminars, workshops, CME and scientific sessions

Departments for teaching Allied Health Science Courses:

Over 20 different related departments encompassing the preclinical, para-clinical and clinical subjects, carry out the teaching and foster in-depth learning.

Departments Names
Pre-Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy and Cytogenetics
Para-Clinical Pathology, Blood Bank, Clinical Pathology & Haematology, Pharmacology, Community Medicine
Clinical Radiology, General medicine, General surgery, Orthopaedics, Emergency medicine,Psychology/Psychiatry, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Superspeciality Nephrology, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Chest medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery
Other Departments Physiotherapy, Medico Social Works, College of Nursing, Oncology (Medical Physics), Hospital Administration
External postings NIMHANS & KIDWAI for MIT students; Narayana Hrudayalaya for Cardiac Perfusion Technology students

Extracurricular activities:

  1. Sports & athletics
  2. Cultural
  3. Group activities
  4. Value Education activities

Course Details

I.B.Sc. Courses

Three year undergraduate program with 6 months of compulsory internship with stipend, starting within 5 days of the announcement of Final Year university results.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Admission is open to male and female candidates
  2. Age: Candidates should have completed 17 years of age at the time of admission.
  3. Eligibility- Educational qualification:
    1. For MLT, CPT& RDT courses: A candidate who has passed Two year Pre-University examination conducted by the Pre-University Education Board in the State of Karnataka or any other examination considered as equivalent thereto by the RGUHS and have scored not less than 40% of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
    2. For MIT: In addition to the above, the extract from RGUHS Notification No.UA/AUTH/1year A.H.S.126/2007-08 dated 29/06/2007 is applicable as given below."In case of admission to B.Sc. Imaging Technology OR B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology, the candidate should have passed Pre university OR equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, as principal subjects of study." OR Pre-University course from a recognized Board with vocational course in Radiography/Radiology as vocational subject.
    3. Lateral entry - all courses: Leads to admission to second year directly for candidates who have passed diploma program from the Government Boards and recognized by RGUHS, fulfilling the conditions specified in the ordinance of Allied Health Science Courses (Refer to RGUHS website for details). The students are eligible to take admission on lateral entry system only in the same subject studied at diploma level from the academic year 2008-09 vide RGUHS Notification no. AUTH/AHS/317/2008-09 dated 01.08.2008.

II.Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) Course

Four year undergraduate program with 6 months of compulsory Internship with stipend, starting within 5 days of the announcement of Final Year university results.
The wide scope of physiotherapy is one of its assets, making it an exciting and varied career. Physiotherapists might work in Hospitals, Clinics and other community settings, in research and teaching or run their own private practice.
They are often part of a health or social care team, or may be autonomous professionals, acting as the first point of contact for clients/patients. Physiotherapy, as the largest allied health professional group, works with people with a variety of disabilities, injuries and illnesses and their families and carers.
The specialties include Sports, Neurology, Cardio respiratory, Orthopaedic and Paediatrics.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Admission is open to male and female candidates
  2. Age: Candidates should have completed 17 years of age at the time of admission.
  3. Eligibility- Educational qualification:
  4. A candidate who has passed two year Pre University examination conducted by Pre University Education Board of Karnataka State with English as one of the subjects and Physics, Chemistry and Biology


    A candidate who has passed Boards/Councils/Intermediate examination established by State/Central Government and recognized as equivalent to a two year Pre University Examination by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences/Association of Indian Universities(AIU) with English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.


    Candidates who have completed pre university course with Vocational Physiotherapy and their optional subjects are eligible for admission to BPT course.

III.M.Sc.MLT Course

Two year Postgraduate Program leading to master's degree in Laboratory Technology . Three disciplines in which the students can specialize are designed to enable them to acquire greater knowledge in understanding laboratory sciences in order to function efficiently and effectively.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Admission is open to male and female candidates
  2. Age: Candidates should have completed 20 years of age at the time of admission.
  3. Eligibility- Educational qualification:
  4. B.Sc. course in MLT with not less than 50% in qualifying examination.(refer to RGUHS website)

Service, Research and Employment opportunities:


Trained religious nuns serve the clinics/ hospital in rural areas. Many students are the proud owners of the diagnostic centres in small villages and towns, reaching out to the unreachable. The allied health science students and staff frequently conduct awareness programs and outreach programmes-the areas encompassing lifestyle diseases, infectious diseases, housekeeping, biomedical waste management, women's health, cancer and many others.


B.Sc., and M.Sc., students are recruited for projects run by the faculty under SJRI and other research institutions. Many M.Sc., MLT students are pursuing Ph.D., in premier national institutions in India.

Employment opportunities:

Hospitals, rehabilitation centres, diagnostic centres and teaching institutions
Our students are rated number 1, during employment in the Middle East. Large number of students have migrated to Canada, Australia, London and US and are recruited in esteemed institutions

Future plans / Targets :

  1. New courses applied for approval: B.Sc., Anaesthesia technology, B.Sc., Radiotherapy & B.Sc., OT technology
  2. New courses to be applied: M.Sc., Renal Dialysis, M.Sc., in Medical Imaging Technology, Diploma in psycho-social intervention, M.Phil in social works.

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