St John's Medical College

Services - Pathology

Ours is a NABL accredited laboratory since 2006. The Surgical Pathology Service provides complete diagnostic services in adult and paediatric Surgical Pathology. Approximately 13,000 surgical specimens originating from the St. John’s Medical College Hospital and other referring hospitals are accessioned yearly. Other services include

  • Frozen Sections for rapid diagnosis including intra-operative consultations
  • Cytopathology service provides a full range of cytology services, including exfoliative cytology and the performance of fine needle aspiration under guidance or freehand.
  • Clinical Autopsy services
  • Immunological serology tests for ANA, dsDNA, ANCA, Immunoline, Liver profile, Liver blot, Derm mosaic, APLA2R
  • Immunofluorescence on renal and skin biopsies
  • Immunohistochemistry with a panel of about 100 antibodies.
  • Enzyme histochemistry studies for diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease.

The laboratory is well equipped with state of art equipment including rapid tissue processors, paraffin embedders, automated microtomes, automated stainer, cryostats and multi-headed microscopes. All laboratory test results are available through the hospital intranet, as part of the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

We are committed to a rapid turn-around-time while providing the highest quality patient care.