St John's Medical College


The Department of Physiology has been providing clinical service including clinical autonomic evaluation, body composition, physical fitness, basal metabolic rate, skeletal muscle strength assessment.

  • Clinical Autonomic Testing – Clinical Physiology Unit under Department of Physiology has been providing service to evaluate autonomic dysfunction. Battery of tests including head up tilt and heart rate variability are been conducted. Patients are referred from various departments within institute and outside for the autonomic evaluation.

  • Nutrition OPD services and Body Composition – Division of Nutrition under Department of Physiology has been catering nutritional counselling to various in and out patients. It also provides services to evaluate body composition and bone mineral density (DXA).

  • Skeletal Muscle Function evaluation – Department of Physiology provides service to evaluate skeletal muscle function using gold standard technique. Various groups of muscles can be evaluated for their strength and reported.

  • Physical Exercise Testing and estimation of BMR using indirect calorimeter are also performed.