St John's Medical College

Overview - Psychiatry

Dr. Subrahamanyam started the department in1966 by running a daily outpatient clinic with a three bedded inpatient facility within general medical wards, at St. Martha’s Hospital.

In 1973 Dr. M.V. Warunni, an aluminus of the first batch of SJMC, joined the department as Assistant Professor. Modified ECT was started at this time. Clinical Psychology service was started by Dr. S.N. Indira in 1975. The Clinical Psychology team started growing after Dr. Tanya Machado joined in 1978.

A 30 beded ward in the Current Campus Hospital was started in 1981 after Dr. Prakash Appaya joined the department. Dr. Sheila Daniel’s was rendering her services to psychiatry department through Medico Social Services since 1979. Dr. K. Srinivasan joined the department in 1984, and over time, set impetus to clinical research.