St John's Medical College

Key areas of Research

  • Improving mental health to integration with primary care in rural Karnataka. Dr. K. Srinivasan, Dr. Johnson Pradeep
  • Using Event Related Potentials to Determine Risk-taking Behavior in Offspring of Alcoholics. Dr.K.Srinivasan Dr.Susan, Dr.Johnson Pradeep
  • A comparative study of serum transferrin Receptor-ferritin index in drug naive /drug-free children with ADHD and age matched healthy children. Dr.Ashok. M.V; Dr.Susan, Dr.Johnson Pradeep
  • Clinical and neuropsychological study of Autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Ashok M.V, Dr. Vijaya Raman, Dr. Maria Lewin, Dr. Ramesh A.
  • An Exploratory Multicentric study to identify phenotypic clusters in OCD Dr. S.M Manohari
  • Factors playing a role in choice of modality of dialysis in pediatric end stage renal disease: A qualitative study of caregiver knowledge, attitude and perceptions Dr. Vijaya Raman, Dr Priya Pais
  • ADHD and markers of Iron sufficiency. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ashok MV
  • What is it like to live with Psychosis? Dr. Priya Sreedaran, Dr. Vidya Sathyanarayanan, Dr. Kimneihat Vaiphei.
  • “ A study to explore the difficulties faced by medical undergraduate students and mental health trainees in eliciting psychiatric history and performing mental status examination in psychiatric patients and experiences of mental health consultants in teaching the same” Dr. Priya Sreedaran, Dr. Divya Hegde