St John's Medical College


The Department is robustly involved in research and conducts both intradepartmental, interdepartmental and interinstitutional research in clinical anatomy, neuroanatomy, anatomy education and genetics.

A large proportion of research projects are conducted by undergraduate students, postgraduate students and PhD scholars under the guidance of the faculty members of the department.

Specific areas of research include

  • The effects of electro-convulsive shock on the amygdala and hippocampus - Dr. Smitha and Dr.Roopa Ravindranath.
  • Neurosurgical anatomy of the cervical spine - Dr. Yogitha Ravindranath - Relation of Spinal cord and Spinal nerves to the cervical vertebra.
  • Morphology of cerebellum - A neuro Histological Study - Suresh Kumar Parmar, Dr Roopa Ravindranath, Dr Yogitha Ravindranath
  • Fascicular architecture of peripheral nerves - Dr Sujatha Narayan - Histological Study of cross section of perpheral nerves.
  • Anatomical variations, anthropometry - Dr Nachiketh 
  • Active learning methods in anatomy - Dr Nachiketh 
  • E-Learning - Dr Balasubramanyam - Development of Teaching modules for social media based Anatomy Education.
  • Histology staining techniques -  Dr Anusha and Dr Yogitha Ravindranath
  • Body donation - Dr. Balasubramanyam, Dr Stephen.