St John's Medical College Hospital

Unit Of Hope

The Unit was conceptualized by the orthopaedic department at SJMC along with the paediatric and community health departments and gradually expanded to include all other departments involved in the care of children with disabilities. It was formally initiated on August 18th, 2004 with the generous support of the institutional management and the Christoffel Blinden Mission. There has been continued unstinted support from these bodies over the years and additionally, St. John’s alumni have contributed valuably in cash, kind and person.

Since its inception, the unit has taken care of a large number of children with developmental disorders.

Our services include:

Hospital based services- Out patient services

  • Paediatrics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • ENT
  • Ophthalmology
  • Child & adolescent psychology & psychiatry
  • Medico-social work
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy and auditory training
  • Special education
  • Neonatal follow up clinic
  • Networking with centres/ organizations for children with disabilities

Hospital based services- In patient services

  • Clinical and Diagnostic Evaluations.
  • Medical Management - Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Psychology
  • Family counseling and support
  • Surgery- Orthopaedics, PMR, Plastic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology
  • Habilitation and Rehabilitation- Physiotherapy (PT), Occupational therapy (OT), Visual rehabilitation, Audiology and Speech pathology, Special education focusing on early intervention

Outreach services 

  • Karnataka – Mugalur- The Unit of Hope conducts out-patient clinics at the Community Health Training Centre in Mugalur once in 2 months. Health workers from the community trained in community based rehabilitation regularly follow up the children with disabilities to track the progress.
  • Tamil Nadu – Gudalur-The Unit of Hope liaises with ACCORD, Adivasi Hospital, The Nilgiris and conducts orthopaedic camps and multidisciplinary team camps for the residential tribal children with disabilities.
  • Maharashtra – Sangli- The Unit of Hope collaborates with Sangli Mission Society and conducts regular disability screening and follow up camps for the children with disabilities from rural areas. In addition to consultations during camps, children requiring surgeries or tertiary hospital care are brought to St. John’s Medical College Hospital for further management. The local volunteers are given training in multidisciplinary basic rehabilitation techniques and principles during the camps.

Our Team




Dr. Maria Lewin


Dr. Ramesh L.J.


Dr. Binu Kurian


Dr. Mahadev

(Orthopaedic plaster technician)

Mr. Matthew

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Rajalakshmi Iyer


Mr. Nikhil

Occupational therapy

Ms. Geetanjali Bal


Ms. Paurvi


Dr. Usha Vasu


Dr. Suneetha N.


Dr. Ramesh A.

Audiology and Speech pathology

Mrs. Nagapoornima


Mrs. Sowmya Nayak


Mrs. Omera Niyaz Zeenath

Child psychiatry

Dr. Ashok M.V.

Child psychology

Dr. Vijaya Raman

Medico Social Work

Ms. Rochana

Community Health

Dr. Deepthi N. Shanbhag

Paediatric Dentistry

Dr. Khalid Shariff

Special Education

Dr. Shilpa