Autumn Muse / Innervate - 2018

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Autumn muse / Innervate - 2018

Online Registrations are Closed, On Spot Registrations are open.

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South India’s oldest, most prestigious national level cultural and sports extravaganza, Autumn Muse (to be held from September 6 to September 9), is back with a bang! While the wheels were set into motion to lay the groundwork for this fest months ago, the final period of the preparatory work has just begun Autumn Muse boasts of one of the highest levels of competition and one of the key reasons is the cheap costs for registration. Involvement in the fest is always light on the pocket and gives the participant a feeling of satisfaction after getting to interact and compete with their colleagues from all over India. Located in the heart of the city, St. John’s National Academy is also ideally positioned for outstation visitors to experience Bangalore and figure out what the city is all about. When things are winding down to a close at Autumn Muse 2018 the city comes to life and the night always stays young.


Autumn muse was held for the first time 30 years ago, in the year 1988. It was the batch of 1985 that put in the efforts to see the dream transform in reality. The Students’ Executive Committee in 1987 came close to organizing a cultural festival. They laid down the foundation, but were handicapped due to the lack of funds. It was decided that the fest would be called “Saturnalia”, but later, the next year the name was changed to “Autumn Muse”. Muse is the Goddess of power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, theatre or like. Autumn in Bangalore was a wonderful time to hold a fest because of the crisp weather and also because it wouldn’t clash with exams or festivals. The Students’ Executive Committee in 1988 were a bunch of fanatics led by Boyrs Mascarenhas, the President and Kiran Saldanha, the Cultural Secretary. It was decided that the festival mascot would be “AL”- the Culture Vulture. The management supported and encouraged the Committee in conducting Muse. At that time St. John’s did not have an auditorium or any other venue to conduct a main stage event. There were hardly any companies based in Bangalore and the IT and BPO revolutions hadn’t begun. Without any funds it is a wonder how the idea of a national level fest was conceived. Well, fortune did favour the brave. And the festival was on!

The Social Cause

Notably, Autumn Muse is conducted with the sole aim to generate funds to support a medically and socially relevant cause. This year, preterm and low birthweight neonatal resuscitation is the focal issue. The gravity of the situation is highlighted by the fact that in India alone, 48.1% of newborns were born weighing lesser than 2.5 kg. Funds generated through Autumn Muse will be directed to combat the shocking premature infant death statistics in our country.


Innervate 2018 is a fest with a purpose, seeking not only to provide a platform for growth of the medical student community, but also to cultivate a sense of social responsibility for future doctors. Along with inter-medical competitions for students, stimulating workshops and talks have been integrated into the fest to provide a holistic developmental experience for young physicians.

INNERVATE 2018 seeks to make a difference by working for a social cause.

‘Innervate’ our An­nual Intercollegiate Undergraduate Medical Conference will be held parallel with our annual fest Autumn Muse 2018 on the 6th to 9th September 2018.


Online Registrations are Closed, On Spot Registrations are open.

Rule Book - Autumn Muse

Delegates Brochure- Innervate





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