St.John's Medical College Hospital
Established 1975
Number of Beds 1350
Number of Specialty Services 15
Number of Super-Specialty Services 20
Number of Diagnostic Service Departments 4
Number of Staff 2007
Number of Medical Personnel 450
Number of Nursing Personnel 900
Daily Average Outpatients 1850
Daily Average Admissions 148
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Photo of Hospital

St.John's Medical College Hospital is a tertiary medical service centre with 1350 beds. It offers specialty and super specialty services, including state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to ensure the delivery of holistic patient care. The hospital is staffed with dedicated and highly competent members of the medical fraternity along with trained personnel who work with sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment. Annual patient statistics report of 2007 (January to December) shows a total of 5,03,274 outpatients registered, with a daily average of 1850. The total number of new outpatients registered during this period was 1,34,803. The total number of admissions made was 46,609, with a daily average of 148.

Started on December 8, 1975, St.John's Medical College Hospital now has 24 full-fledged departments to provide specialty and super specialty services. These include:

Specialty Services

Anaesthesiology, Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Psychology, Dental Surgery, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Otorinolaryngology (ENT), Paediatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry

Photo of Hospital Super-Specialty Services

Cardiology, Chest Medicine, Cardiac Thoracic surgery, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecologic Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Nephrology, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Pain and Palliative Care Unit, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery & Burns, Urology including Endourology, Renal transplantation and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Diagnostic Facilities

Diagnostic facilities like C.T. Scan, Radio-Therapy and fully-equipped laboratory facilities with Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histopathology labs and a Blood Bank are now made available in the campus. The diagnostic laboratories of the college and hospital have been granted accreditation with the ISO 15189:2003 standards by the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) of the Department of Science and Technology.

The fully-functional, ably-staffed and well-equipped Supportive and Ancillary services of the hospital also play a major role in the operation of the hospital. The hospital has 13 Supportive service departments and 4 Ancillary service departments. They are:

Photo of Hospital Supportive Service Departments

Accounts & Establishment, Billing, Central Stores, Dietary, Housekeeping, Information Desk, Information Technology, Laundry, Linen, Maintenance, Personnel, Public Relations & Corporate Relations and Security & Transport

Ancillary Service Departments

Central Sterile Supplies (CSSD), Family Welfare and Fertility Studies and Hospital Annexe

Specialized Services

Specialized services like Outpatient Services, Day Care, The Operating Department, Medical Records and Pharmacy, ably provide their services to the public and the local community. The needs of the underprivileged, the poor and the needy are catered to by the dedicated team of social workers in the Medico-Social Work (MSW) department of the hospital.

Well equipped to provide comprehensive, affordable and quality health care to its patients with all facilities under one roof, St.John's is now a major referral center in the Country.

Counselling Services
In extending care to our patients and the community at large we offer a range of counseling services, public education and awareness to help everyone lead a better life. Counselling services are offered by:

The department of Family Welfare and Fertility Studies offers Family counseling related to Family Life Education. Awareness programs are also conducted in schools, colleges, training institutes and for rural health workers on varied topics related to Family Life Education.
The department of Psychiatry offers Adolescent counseling and De-addiction services. Teacher awareness programs, Community Psychiatry, Home care and Rehabilitation clinics are also conducted. A separate Child guidance clinic and Developmental clinic is run to help the child grow.
The Division of Nutrition runs a Nutrition service clinic, which offers appropriate Dietary counseling.
The department of Nephrology offers Rehabilitation and Family counseling of patients with renal failure and public education and awareness regarding prevention of Kidney diseases is extended.
The department of Urology offers Counselling, Training and Bladder Rehabilitation services to patients with Urinary Incontinence.
The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology offers Counselling services on care during pregnancy, Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and Awareness on HIV infection and its prevention is imparted.
The department of Genetics offers genetic counseling associated with genetic or metabolic disorders and pre ?marital genetic counseling.
The department of Medical Oncology
Dr Arun Shet, M.D., AB (Hem/Onc) Dr Arun Shet, M.D., AB (Hem/Onc)
Dr Rishikesh Kumar, M.D.
Dr Rajesh Alajangi, DNBE (Med)
Dr Girish, M.D.
Senior Resident
Senior Resident
Senior Resident
Dr. Sunil Rangarajan
Dr. Deepa
Junior Resident
Junior Resident
Out Patient Clinics: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - Silver Jubilee Block �Room 17 Timings: 9 a.m ?1 p.m.
The department has specialists trained in the management of malignant hematological and oncological disorders. The services include but are not restricted to: 1.Solid tumor Oncology (Breast, Colon, Lung, Prostate, Lymphoma)
3.Anemia and refractory anemia
Special Services
1.Comprehensive Cancer Care Clinic
2.Cancer Nutrition Service ?collaboration with nutrition
3.Poor patient fund
Research and Academic Activities
1.Faculty in the department conduct investigator initiated research that is funded by the Depts. of Science and Technology and Biotechnology, Govt of India. The department works closely with the Hematology Research Unit, SJRI and performs bedside and bench research. Most of this work is published in national and international peer reviewed journals.
2.Academic activities involve weekly seminar series with junior and senior residents, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and supervision of post graduate thesis work. The department also hosts a monthly hematology forum for hematologists and oncologists in the city.
3.The department hosts national and international students who investigate various conditions related to health care or access to health care. Currently, Daniel Schneider a Nehru Fulbright scholar from the Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois is affiliated with the department.
Faculty and staff (Previously appointed but tenure complete)
Dr. Faye Pais Junior Resident
Dr. Nawaz Mohammed Junior Resident
Dr. Sivshanker Reddy Senior Resident
Dr. George John Visiting Resident
Dr. Sirisha Sanamandra Junior Resident
Dr. Harold Elias Junior Resident
Dr. Sonal Bhalla Junior Resident
Dr. Niraj Shenoi Junior Resident

Preventive Services
Working towards Preventive and Positive Health we have introduced a series of Preventive Health Plans for all age groups, which is exclusively coordinated by the Public Relations Department. Contact No: 080 ?22065077.

Preventive Health Plans

Credit Services
The Hospital provides cashless system of hospitalization to the employees of various Public Sector & Private Companies and patients covered under Medical Insurance.


Photo of Hospital Patient Care
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. John’s Hospital is the first unit to be established in the state of Karnataka. It is recognized as a tertiary referral centre for high risk pregnancy and for preterm care. It is a 36 bedded unit with 12 high dependency care beds catering to both inborn and out born babies. It is one of the units in the state to practice newer modes of ventilation, total parenteral nutrition, neurosensory screening and developmentally supportive care. The unit is well equipped with 7 ventilators, bubble CPAP machines, multichannel monitors, pulse oximeters, infusion pumps, T piece resuscitators, ABG machine, transport incubators, USG machine, Xray machine amongst other equipment.

The goal of the unit has not only been survival but intact and optimal survival of the extreme preterm babies. Towards this goal, it has been the first unit to start Retinopathy of Prematurity screening in the country, offering in house laser therapy and also the first unit to start universal hearing screening. It is a recognized centre for developmentally supportive care with an excellent outcome. The neonatal unit caters to all deliveries in the hospital. The average deliveries has progressively increased to an annual delivery rate of 2500. In view of the excellent results, the hospital has emerged as a referral centre for high risk pregnancies. The outpatient services includes specialized Neonatal follow up clinic on two afternoons a week in addition to three general clinics per week. The unit offers intensive care at affordable cost to the patient. With the help of Child for life fund and the hospital social work department, we are able to offer support to the deserving poor patients.

Photo of Hospital Care of the low birth weight babies is further improved in the last decade by the introduction of Kangaroo mother care which is the best comprehensive care for the low birth weight ?in skin to skin contact with the mother. A special ward ?KMC ward has also been created to provide KMC for these fragile babies.

On considering the trend of NICU admissions in the past decade, not only are the number of deliveries and NICU admissions increasing, the case mix is more high risk, requiring ventilation and highly specialized care. The Neonatal NICU has been awarded the BEST ICU award in our hospital for the past 3 consecutive years.

The unit has 4 full time consultants specialized in neonatal care. In addition, 4 senior residents provide round the clock care. The nursing care is one of the best in the country, with 32 dedicated ,committed nurses to care for the sick neonates.

Training & Education
The Unit has been contributing to teaching neonatal care to undergraduates and post graduates since its inception in 1990. In 2006, a one year Fellowship Programme in Neonatology which is recognized by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) has been initiated. In 2008, DNB Neonatology ?a 3 year super specialty course has been started. A detailed curriculum and academic schedule for the fellowship programme is in place. The management is protocol based with regular review of the protocols. Emphasis has also been on the Nurses training who are the back bone of the NICU. The faculty are National faculty for the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. We regularly conduct NRP courses for the interns, postgraduates and nurses. We also conduct regular Lactation Management Workshops for nurses and postgraduates. Regular CMEs with national and international faculty are organized. Great importance is given to conducting various research projects in the unit. We have been deeply involved with training of community health workers in newborn care and neonatal resuscitation. We are collaborating with the Govt. of Karnataka in training and setting up SCNU in the districts as part of NRHM program and also in improving neonatal care along with KHPT in north Karnataka.

Certificate Courses run by the College and Hospital

St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences provides health professionals with customised workforce development training solutions by conducting certificate courses in college and hospital.

Sl No. Name of the Course Number of Seats Duration Department Unit Contact Number
1 Basic Course for Community Health Workers 20 9 Weeks Community Health College 080.49466133
2 Postgraduate Certificate Course in Health Care Administration 20 11 Months Health Care Administration College(admissions)
& Hospital(Hospital administration office)
080.49466029 /
3 Certificate Course in Dialysis Technology 5 2 Years Plus
1 Year of Internship
Nephrology Hospital 080.22065315
4 Certificate Course in Medical Records Management 10 2 Years Medical Records Hospital 080.22065315
5 Certificate Course in Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) & Polysomnography 4 2 Years Respiratory Medicine Hospital 080.22065315
6 Certificate Course for OT Technicians 8 2 Years Anaesthesiology Hospital 080.22065315
7 Certificate Course in Radiography 10 2 Years Plus
1 Year of Internship
Radiology Hospital 080.22065315
8 EEG-ENMG Technician Course 4 2 Years Neurology Hospital 080.22065315
9 Hospital Aides Course
(Conducted twice a year)
30 2 Years Nursing Service Hospital 080.22065315
10 Ophthalmic Technician Course 2 2 Years Ophthalmology Hospital 080.22065315
11 Plaster Technician Course in Orthopaedics 2 1 Year Plus
1 Year Internship
Orthopaedics Hospital 080.22065315
12 Secretarial cum Computer Course 15 1 Year Plus 6 Months Apprenticeship Personnel Hospital 080.22065315​​