St John's Medical College

Reasearch - Physiology

State of the art metabolic ward where energy and substrate metabolism studies, amino acid requirement studies using stable isotope techniques, a state of the art muscle lab for conducting static and dynamic muscle function tests, with a well-equipped minor OT for obtaining muscle biopsies, a research gym, micronutrient fortification studies involving iron, lysine and Vit b12 and electrophysiological studies involving EMG and EEG. A well-organized division of nutrition is also under the department of physiology. This division is actively pursuing research on body composition, whole body potassium counting, various long running child and mother cohorts.

Year:  2020

  1. Role of protein and vitamin B12 in clinical and public health nutrition in India.
  2. To understand the role of improving maternal dietary intake in promoting linear growth during the first 6 months of life, and the benefits of increasing protein quantity and quality in complementary foods to improve linear growth in the second 6 months of life in a population with high rates of stunting
  3. De novo lipogenesis in adiposity and glycaemic control: Epigenetic mechanisms and associated metabolite profiles.
  4. Assessment of nutritional quality, supply and demand of the government supplementary nutrition program
  5. Sugar intake in India: The estimation of dietary intake using the stable isotopic biomarker method of carbon isotope ratio.

Year:  2019

  1. A Study to evaluate vitamin D receptors and their signaling pathways in skeletal  muscle among  Indians with type 2 diabetes
  2. Sarcopenia Prevention Study: A Targeted Exercise and protein Supplementation  program for Elderly  Indians (STEPS STUDY)
  3. Circulating microRNA a novel prognostic and diagnostic biomarker of prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and its complications among Indians
  4. Long Term (2 years) efficacy of indigenously developed micronutrient fortified rice (fortified with iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid) in improving iron stores in school children and their mothers; process standardization to match the physical characteristics of fortified rice kernels (FRK) with commercial rice varieties and storage stability”
  5. Bioavailability of proteins from plant based diets
  6. Assessment of quality, supply and demand of the government supplementary nutrition program in Karnataka
  7. Distributed Intelligent Ultrasound Imaging System for Secure in-community Diagnostics (Secure Ultrasound)
  8. 3T Project- An EHR Toolkit for Primary Health care
  9. Accurate estimation of changes in body composition. energy balance and nutritional status of Indian children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) during cancer treatment
  10. Fast tracking Bangalore response to HIV through a pilot community-led testing model, the first in India – MITHR App
  11. Estimation of total energy expenditure and physical activity level among young adults.
  12. Estimating lysine bioavailability of Indian vegetarian meal using indicator amino acid oxidation method in adults.
  13. Introducing self-reflection in first year medical students to promote empathy as an integral part of Physiology curriculum
  14. Human placental epigenetic regulation of fatty acids versus glucose transport: Role in fetal growth restriction
  15. Crosstalk between Ferritin light chain (FTL) and Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate-dehydrogenase (GAPDH) expression in relation to blood levels of neuro inflammatory markers in Indian Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus subjects”
  16. Role of MiRNAs in fetal growth restriction associated dysregulation of human placental angiogenesis
  17. Application of stable isotope Technique in Environmental Enterix Dysfunction in infants – A cross sectional study
  18. The role of Nutrients, Gut Dysfunction and the Gut Microbiome in Determining Health Outcomes in Undernutrition
  19. Randomized control trial to assess the efficacy of a school snack with our without micronutrient fortification to promote vitamin B12 status in primary school children
  20. Investigation of influence of 5HT3B gene, ABCBI gene and Cytochrome P4502D6 gene Polymorphism in efficacy of antiemetic treatment with Ondansetron in Post-Operative Breast Surgeries
  21. Sugar intake in India: The estimation of dietary intake using the stable isotopic biomarker method of carbon isotope ratio” under the new CRP on “ Optimizing nuclear techniques to assess accurate