St John's Medical College Hospital

Services - Transfusion Medicine & Immuno-Hematology

The department has two major sections;

The Hematology and Clinical Pathology laboratory and the Blood Bank.

The Hematology Laboratory caters to the investigations esp in the fields of clinical workups for hemolytic anemias , Work up of Bleeding and thrombotic disorders and diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas including Flowcytometry.

The laboratory is fully automated and has hematology analysers, Coagulometers , HPLC for diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies and Thalassemias and Flowcytometer. Our laboratory is a referral centre for the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

The Clinical Pathology section also an automated urine analyser for shorter turn around time.

The Blood Bank works 24 x7 to cater to the blood component requirements of the hospital. We were one of the first to prepare components and have been preparing components since 1990. Currently we are preparing components in more than 98% of collections.

The Serology section has an automated system (IH500) for reporting of blood groups and other immunohaematological tests. The Blood bank has facilities to investigate for red cell antibody screening and identification.

The blood bank also has facilities for Platelet pheresis to cater to patients with thrombocytopenia. The blood bank provides transfusion support to patients with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders and thalassemia

The Department has also started a post graduate course in transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology in 2016.