St John's College of Nursing

Basic B.Sc. Nursing

This programme of study leads to a Basic B.Sc. (Nursing) degree of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences with an in take of 100 seats.

Admission - 2020

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Educational Objectives

Under the overall aims and goals of the C.B.C.I., the following are the main objectives of the course. At the completion of the course the graduates are expected to

  1. Have a broad concept of the fundamental principles of quality nursing care, and demonstrate skill in providing nursing care to people of all age groups based on principles of physical, biological and behavioural sciences in an institution or in a community setting.
  2. Participate as members of the health care team in promotive, preventive and restorative health care delivery system of the country.
  3. Demonstrate leadership qualities and decision making abilities in various nursing situations.
  4. Demonstrate skill in teaching and supervising nursing care both in the hospital and in community setting.
  5. Recognise the need for continued learning, and for personal and professional growth.
  6. Uphold ethical and Christian values.
  7. Advance without further formal education to positions which require skills in clinical teaching and unit management.

Duration of the Course

 The course consists of 4 years.