St John's College of Nursing

Overview - Departments & Faculty

Nursing Services and Nursing Education were integrated on 1st July 2013 headed by the Chief of Nursing Services.

Teaching faculty of College of Nursing are involved in patient care, teaching hospital staff and administration of nursing services in the parent hospital and Senior nursing staff of the hospital are included in student teaching and supervision.

The college is headed by the Principal, who reports to the Chief of Nursing services. She is assisted by the Vice Principal.

  • Our Departments are
    1. Fundamentals of Nursing
    2. Nursing administration and Education
    3. Obstetrical and Gynecological nursing
    4. Psychiatric Nursing
    5. Community health nursing
    6. Child health nursing
    7. Medical surgical Nursing

The HODs of these departments also function as Deputy Nursing Superintendents in the hospital and thus contribute towards education, service and administration.