St John's Medical College Hospital

Day Care Services

Old Day Care was started in 1999 and New Oncology Day Care was started in April 2015 with the objectives of:-

  • Treating patients with Thalassemia
  • To reduce their duration of hospital stay and To facilitate the patients with minor surgeries
  • Oncology Day care takes care of all Children with thalassemia and their chemotherapy treatment.
  • In the day care only short duration of stay in which transfusions and minor surgeries are done.  Usually patients with thalassemia come for blood transfusion. 
  • Patient get admitted in the day care for procedures like Bone Marrow, Lumbar Puncture, Excisions, Lithotripsy and for Epidural injections and after procedure they go home. 
  • Oncology day care usually function for Paediatric Thalassemia’s and chemotherapies of both adults and children.