St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences


St. John's strives to train and encourage health care professionals to reach out to the medically underserved of the nation. In this effort, it has succeeded in harmonizing dedication to excellence with commitment to social justice in health care.

The Objectives of St John's National Academy of Health Sciences are:

  • Excellence in all fields of health care education
  • Adequate Christian formation of the students
  • Upholding respect for life, from the moment of conception to its natural end
  • A genuine feeling of compassion towards the patients and their families as persons
  • A special thrust to community health fostering the dimensions of participatory team work
  • Serving the health needs of medically underserved areas of our country and our medically underprivileged brethren
  • Acquiring the ability to do research and apply the advances in scientific knowledge to the relevant fields of work
  • Striving towards promoting holistic health
  • Acquiring an exemplary steadfastness to principles and moral values so as to be witness to a life of honesty and integrity.