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St John's Medical College Hospital

Overview - Radiation Oncology

St John’s Medical College Hospital was dependant on Curie Cancer Centre for Radiotherapy services, between 1995 to 2010. The Management of St John’s took a conscious decision to start the Department of Radiation Oncology under the purview of St John’s. The Director along with Associate Director Finance and the Dean, Constituted an Oncology Task Force Group to study and submit a feasibility proposal for this project. The committee consisted of Rev. Fr. Glenn M (Associate Director Finance), Rev. Fr. Lawrence D’souza (Director), Associate Director College, Dr. Elizabeth Vallikad, Dr. Arun Shet, Dr. Suraj Manjunath & Dr. Mazhar H Shariff, was co-opted into the Oncology Task Force. The proposal, plan and equipment requirements for a new Radiation Oncology Department was presented and the Management accepted the proposal. The Management decided to demolish the existing Curie Cancer Centre and in its place decided to set up a four storey St John’s Oncology Centre, which is now fully functional.

The newly instituted Department of Radiation Oncology in the ground floor of St Johns Oncology Center  is the foresight and dream of the Director of St johns national  academy of  Health sciences. This full fledged state of the art department  was established in July 2011  in the new St John’s Oncology Centre to offer comprehensive cancer treatment with the aid  of philonthrophist Mr. Leslie Fernandes, in the memory of his beloved wife Mrs. Cynthia Fernandes who courageously battled cancer till her last.

The vision of the department of Radiation Oncology is to offer the world class treatment with  best of expertise and   state of art of equipment as a part of comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment of  the cancer patients.

Our Mission is, care with compassion; cure of cancer; palliation with least suffering and dedication in our services with no expectation.

The department is fully functional since January 2013. The St Johns Oncology center where the department is housed is approachable from Gate no. 2 of St John's Medical College.

Why Choose Department of Radiation Oncology at St John's Oncology Centre?

1. Department of Radiation Oncology is equipped with all the State-of-Art technologies and trained personnel.

2. Every patient  presenting to the Department will be discussed in a Multidisciplinary tumor board meeting conducted every  Wednesday, to draw the most optimal line of treatment.

3. Every patient’s radiotherapy plan will be audited regularly in Weekly planning audit meeting conducted on Mondays.

4. Every patient on treatment will be reviewed twice a week to closely monitor the clinical response and toxicities.

5. The treatment slots on the linear accelerator is scientifically programmed to reduce the patient waiting time and improve patient satisfaction.

6. Subsite based practice by the consultants of the department offers the patients to get best treatment for their ailment.

7. Most importantly, All the above at a very affordable cost.