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Dear Friends of St. John’s,

Greetings from St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore!

You may be aware that St. John’s has always been in the forefront of providing services to the medically underserved – whether by training medical students who spend a significant period of their early careers working in rural areas or by being the first to volunteer services in disaster-hit regions around the country. All our graduates are required to commit at least two years to serve in rural parts of the country. A significant proportion of our students, inspired by the ethos of St. John’s have spent their entire life in rural areas. Since the 1970s to date, St. John’s has sent teams to every single disaster-hit zone in the country – starting with the post-war Bangladesh refugee crisis to the super cyclone-hit Odisha districts in 1999 to the flood-relief services in Kerala and Kodagu in recent years.

This time our calling has been to serve the economically poor section of our society who are faced with the evolving crisis of the COVID19 epidemic. St. John’s is committed to ensuring that no patient is turned away for a lack of finances and to ensure this we will surely need the support of gracious donors such as you or your organization. Some of the costs towards treating patients suffering from this dreaded disease are as follows:

  1. Daily treatment in the general ward bed in isolation for non-serious patients – INR 4000/day
  2. Daily treatment in ICU beds – INR 18,000/day
  3. Setting up ICU bed with ventilator, monitor and dialysis support – INR 22,00,000/bed

We have a 60-bed ICU which is always full. Additionally, to deal with the current crisis, we have set up a 30-bed isolation facility which can be scaled up to 60. We are also setting up a 10-bed ICU with ventilators and monitors, 4 of which have dialysis facilities, for patients who are tested positive. We have the capacity to further expand this facility as required.

It is in this context that we are reaching out to you – well-wishers, donors, philanthropists, corporates and anyone else – to help St. John’s continue to serve those in need. Please help our doctors, nurses and technicians do the best they have committed to do, without worrying about the finances required to ensure quality care.

Donations can be made directly by clicking on this link.

Donations in kind – in the form of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and hand-sanitizers – are also welcome. Donations in cash can avail of 80(G) and 12(a) benefits.

For any further details, please contact – Dr. Bobby Joseph, Vice Dean – Community Outreach at +91 9900163821 or



Dean, St. John’s Medical College