Donations can avail of 80(G) and 12(a) benefits.

We request that foreign donors please use the link to our FCRA Account.

Donors from India will have to provide their PAN details for online donations.

Donations in kind – in the form of personal protective equipment (PPEs), masks, respirators and hand-sanitizers – are also welcome.

For any further details, please contact – Dr. Bobby Joseph, Vice Dean – Community Outreach at +91 9900163821 or

St. John’s Medical College Hospital has been at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19. Now more than a year after its onset, after seeing a brief lull, we are again battling the disease with renewed dedication. The battle against COVID-19 with the same energy and commitment with which we started more than 12 months ago. The surge in the number of cases had called for extra-ordinary responses on multiple fronts and no words will suffice to record the dedication demonstrated by our health care professionals. Our staff have continued to work long hours, despite seeing many of their colleagues fall prey to the virus.

We inaugurated a COVID Care Centre in August 2020, thanks largely to the donations from the Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives andTitan Company Limited. This Centre houses a 24-bed Intensive Care Unit, a 24-bed High Dependency and a 48-bed Isolation Unit. Our Laboratory Services were upgraded thanks to the generosity of Sasken Foundation. At the peak in 2020 we were treating around 700 patients with COVID admitted in the hospital at a given time and the ICUs were full. All this was possible thanks to the support of many other corporates, foundations and individuals.

If anything, this time our situation is worse with more patients coming with severe disease and requiring ICU/Ventilatory support. We anticipate that in the immediate future we will have at least a thousand COVID-19 patients in the hospital, most of them requiring ventilatory support. We have already committed nearly all our 900 beds to the care of patients with COVID reserving more than 75% for patients (700) referred by the State, including 80 ICU beds (40 are reserved for the State).

We feel the need is much more than last time for beds with oxygen, high dependency units and ICU. We are hence upgrading 120 beds to HDU capacity with monitors, high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) and non-invasive ventilators (NIV). We are also increasing the ICU capacity by 30 beds. We will also require more oxygen and even an oxygen plant to support this surge in requirement.

In addition to establishing new wards and upgrading existing ones, running these services also incurs a huge cost unique to COVID Care which includes personal protective equipment, tubing for HFNC, masks for NIV among many others. Many have volunteered to help. We invite you to be part of our effort. Given below is a list of some of our immediate needs.

We at St. John’s Hospital will be extremely grateful, if you could facilitate the purchase of these equipments and supplies.

Please contact Dr. Bobby Joseph, Vice Dean (Community Outreach) for any further clarifications on 9900163821 or We are registered for CSR Donations and all donations are eligible for tax benefits under Sections 80G and 12A of Income Tax Act.

Dean, St. John’s Medical College

Item Cost per unit No of units
HFNC Unit Rs.2,80,000 120
NIV Rs.1,80, 000 120
Ventilator Rs.12,00 ,000 20
Transport Ventilator Rs.6,50,000 10
Pulse oximeter Rs.60,000 250
BP apparatus Rs.4,500 200
EKG machine Rs.1,35,000 10
Defibrillator Rs.2,65,000 10
Oxygen plant (dependency) Rs.1-5 Crores 1
Oxygen Concentrators (10L) Rs.60-80 Thousand 100
HFNC cannulas Rs.2,500 120
NIV masks Rs.1,500 120
HDU bed (with monitor etc) Rs.5,00,000 100
ICU bed (with ventilators and monitors etc) Rs.30,45,000 10
Medical Support for a patient/day in General Ward Rs.1,700
Medical Support for a patient/day in HDU W Rs.2,200
Medical Support a patient in ICU / day Rs.15,000
Food for 1000 patients and frontline workers/day Rs.2,20,000
Oxygen/day (8,000L) Rs.1,60,000
Full PPEs/day (1200 pieces) Rs.6,00,000
Hand Sanitizers/day (200L) Rs.40,000

Currently we can accept only INR (Indian Rupee) Donations. Please click on the link below to donate and help St. John’s fight this battle. Do not forget to enter you name, PAN Details and postal address and/or email address – this will help us issue 80G Exemption receipts.