SJMC Covid 19 Appeal Letter

Description :

St. John’s Medical College was started in 1963 with the mission ‘to train Health Care Workers to work in medically underserved parts of the country’. We have always been in the forefront of providing services to the medically under-served and responding to natural disasters. Nearly two thirds of our graduates’ work for at least 2 years in rural India and 25% work permanently in such under-served areas. Since the 1970s to date, St. John’s has responded to every single disaster-hit zone in the country – starting with the post-war Bengal refugee crisis to the super cyclone-hit Odisha districts in 1999 to the flood-relief services in Kerala and Kodagu in recent years – by providing health care, medical supplies and even money contributed by its staff.

The COVID-19 pandemic which is ravaging the country is yet another disaster and we have responded to this from the time the first case was reported in our city. Now, the disease is truly well entrenched in our campus. We have set up probably the first fever clinic in the city, have a dedicated COVID ER, and 350 dedicated beds for COVID which are fully occupied. We have set aside thirty ICU beds for patients with severe COVID and seeing the surge have added a further 8 ICU beds. We are gearing to add another 24 ICU and 24 HDU beds if the need arises. Our dedicated staff have worked long hours and coped with this at great personal risk. All this when revenues have dropped drastically because of a steep fall in non-COVID activity. In addition to affecting us monetarily, some of our personnel too have suffered the infection.

Our calling has always been to serve the economically poor section of our society. St. John’s is committed to ensuring that no patient is turned away for a lack of funds or a lack of space. This is becoming increasingly difficult. As of the end of July 2020, we have treated more than 1000 patients in the COVID Wards and almost 1500 in the COVID Emergency, managed about 400 patients in the COVID ICU and seen more than 6000 visits to our Fever Clinic. To continue this work we need the support of gracious donors such as you or your organization.

St. John’s has already given free care worth over INR 3,00,00,000 since the beginning of the crisis in March 2020. We earnestly solicit your support to assist our Institution provide help to those most in need at this time. You could support us by either helping in getting the infrastructure for the added facility or in supporting the cost of treating patients. The average cost to treat a COVID patient is as follows:

  1. Treatment in the general ward bed isolation for non-serious patients – INR 6,000/day
  2. Treatment in the ITU – INR 12,000/day
  3. Treatment in ICU beds without ventilator – INR 15,000/day
  4. Treatment in ICU beds with ventilator – INR 25,000/day

Donations can avail of 80(G) and 12(a) benefits. Links to donations can be seen on this page. We request that foreign donors please use the link to our FCRA Account. Donors from India will have to provide their PAN details for online donations.

Donations in kind – in the form of personal protective equipment (PPEs), masks, respirators and hand-sanitizers – are also welcome.

For any further details, please contact – Dr. Bobby Joseph, Vice Dean – Community Outreach at +91 9900163821 or