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St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore announces during this existing COVID19 crisis to initiate teleconsultation services for all existing patients of the Hospital. The teleconsultations services will be function for the period of lockdown of 21 days or till such time the lockdowns are effective by the Government of Karnataka. St. John’s is not charging the patient for this service.:

Dear patient please have your hospital registration number, medical records and latest prescription in hand before calling the doctor.

Teleconsultation Numbers:






DISCLAIMER: Dear Patients, this tele-consultation service has been accessed voluntarily by you and is provided by St. John’s Medical College Hospital to reduce visits to the hospital in the existing COVID19 crisis. Your doctor’s advice is only based on the accuracy of verbal details provided by you as the mandatory physical examination is not possible. This is not permitted for any medicolegal purposes. We disclaim any liability or responsibility, of harm or injury happening due to misinformation, misrepresentation, misinterpretation and impersonation. If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem, please visit the nearest Emergency. This is a service accessed voluntarily by individuals knowing the limitations and disclaimers. If accepting these conditions, continue the call that may be recorded”