St John's Medical College

Student Counselling Services

The College offers counselling services whenever required. Those students who wants to avail this facilities will have to meet Mrs. Jacqline D’souza, who is available in the campus. Please Contact Dean’s Office/Academic Section.

Hostel Facilities

St. John’s Medical College offers Hostel facilities for Under-Graduates, Interns , Post-Graduates and SHO’S. The Associate Director of the college is in charge of the Administration of the Students’ Hostels. The ADC as the Chief Warden is Overall in-charge of the discipline of all the students in the hostel(Undergraduates, interns and SHOs and postgraduates)

To help the warden in day to day activities, assistant wardens are appointed and are responsible to the warden for the conduct and discipline in their respective blocks. The Dean in consultation with the Warden takes disciplinary action whenever necessary.