Student Counsellor

Description :

Major responsibilities: 

1) Developing a Counselling Protocol

2) Providing counseling for students:

  • Providing students with guidance and support so they can achieve their personal and academic goals
  • Providing emotional support and helping students cope with adjustment problems, motivational issues (poor attendance and marks) and any other stressors which could include problems of anxiety assisting in obtaining treatment for seriously disturbed students, helping students to communicate effectively, cope with mood changes, providing crisis intervention and group counseling services for a similar variety of student concerns.
  • Helping students develop skills important for personal growth and well-being like effective communication, problem solving, coping skills etc.
  • Assessing students for mental health issues, making timely referrals for further evaluation and treatment.
  • Maintain professional and effective relationships with students, faculty, administration and staff in order to assist students with various aspects of their personality and professional development.

3) Parent Interaction:

  • Meeting with parents of students with academic, health, discipline and other personal issues.
  • Guiding parents on their general queries or concerns regarding students

Qualifications: MSc in Counselling Psychology

Experience: Minimum 2 years in counselling field

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