Annual Retreat

For: Yoga and Wellness, Human Value Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Academic Section

The Annual Retreat is organized by the academic section to bring together the students in an environment of secular prayer and reflection. The students participate in a 2 day programme in the first year, usually in the month of Feb. The retreat is lead by a team of qualified personnel and involves reflections, discussions and group activities. Sessions include meditation, prayer, singing, sharing of experiences, guided reflections, and an introspection of their role in society. The annual retreats have been well received by the students as it gives them a refresher from the classes and a time to spend with themselves away from the stress and routine of academic life. The retreat is conducted usually immediately after an internal assessment, when the students are relatively free from academic pressures. Faculty are also nominated to, be part of this experience. Lunch and snacks are provided to the students and the students are encouraged to interact with the retreat team during the breaks provided.

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