Conscientia is a student oriented club that aims at instilling a feeling of social consciousness, educating Johnite students about matters of social importance and making them more open-eyed and proactive about such concerning issues.

There is an absolute need for medical students to take the perspective of and empathise with others, especially those from diverse backgrounds and cultures for better understanding of the social system, thereby becoming better equipped to deliver quality healthcare.

As healthcare becomes more collaborative in nature, it is important that medical students going to be front-line providers and healthcare leaders understand the importance of emotional intelligence and social consciousness in achieving better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Conscientiais an all inclusive club. We encourage active participation from every student in this institution, be it MBBS, AHS, BSc, PG and even faculty.

Empathy- understanding the persons emotions, needs and concerns. Organisational awareness - understanding community values and culture to help identify it’s issues and find viable solutions.

Service - ability to understand and help the people.

• To promote a feeling of social consciousness among medical students.
• To recognise current and important socially relevant topics and educate the people.
• To give a platform for students to develop into optimally effective leaders.
• To strive to become emotionally intelligent healthcare providers.
• To emphasise the importance of empathy, teamwork, and communication.

Key Activities

• Field visits:
• To various institutional care centres to understand first-hand about the difficulties faced by the different marginalised groups of the society.
• To learning institutes for learning from the service providers and grow a sense of organisational awareness.

• Workshops:
Organise various workshops, open to the all members of the student body on current topics of discussion.

• Webinars:
Organise webinars conducted by experts and have an open floor for discussion of the topics.

• Education:
• Using social media as an effective tool for educating the students about the important topics needing utmost notice.
• Giving a platform for students to take leadership and educate others about concerning topics.

• Interviews:
Interviewing frontline service providers and understanding the importance of social consciousness in healthcare.

Previous Activities:
• Field visit to Dr. S R Chandrashekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, on occasion of international day of Sign Language. To understand and learn from teachers, the difficulties faced by these kids, who are hearing impaired and how they learn through sign language.
• Understand basics of sign language to help communicate as healthcare providers.
• Webinar on ‘Menstrual Cup Program’ in collaboration with An Inclusive Future.
• Webinar on ‘Violence Against Doctors’ along with Department of Psychiatry, SJMCH.
• Interview of frontline COVID healthcare workers and support staff who worked selflessly during the pandemic on World Humanitarian Day.
• Education through social platforms on various current topics.

Students Coordinators Staff Mentors
Conscientia coordinator (2022-23)
1. Harriet Ann Jeejo (MBBS 2019)
2. Deepthi Maria B (MBBS 2019)

Student Committee General Secretary (2022-23)
1. Neha Joe (MBBS2019)

Previous coordinators:
1. Nadeen Fare (MBBS 2018)
2. Maria Vellara Francis (MBBS 2018)
1. Dr. Farah Naaz Fathima (Department of Community Medicine)

Social Media Handles:
Mail id:conscientiasjmc@gmail.com
Instagram: @conscientiasjmc

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