Student driven initiative which aims to make Johnites “Ecologicians” _and to make St. John’s an eco-friendlier place.

• Refuse: new plastic bags / plastic cups etc. as much as possible.
• Reuse: back side of old used paper, scrap for decorations etc.
• Cycle: to promote more cycles on campus both amongst students and staff.
• Recycle: segregate and recycle all our waste (hostels, college and hospital).

• To bring together all members of the St Johns family, to enhance their commitment to the environment and to ecology.
• To augment effectiveness of individual efforts by forming a critical group of like-minded people on campus
• To help in implementing ecological principles during all college and hospital functions
• To organise regular “Clean our Campus” campaigns
• To help reduce food and water wastage at the hostels and mess first, and eventually the canteen and hospital.
• To segregate waste and plan appropriate disposal via compost and other recycling methods.
• To replace plastic bags with cloth/paper bags
• To make cycling in the campus more convenient and organize regular cycling events.
• To introduce rainwater harvesting and to expand solar power usage on the campus
• To help in planting new saplings on the campus
• To collaborate with the environment-health science activities, under Health and Humanities Division, as a part of the curriculum for 1st MBBS students.

Key Activities

1. Tour de Mugalurcyclathon -Started as a yearly cyclathon in 2015 by Dr Clyde and Dr Kushal of the batch of 2011 and Dr Bobby Joseph(Department of Community Health) . Conducted on 22nd June 2021 with over 80 participants- a record number. The theme was promoting the idea of cycling against chronic diseases among villages around Mugalur. Aim to increase student participation in the future.

2. Cleanliness drive - Clean and green St John's Conducted for the first time on June 8, 2019 along with NSS and Staff Cultural Society. 10 teams assigned sectors of the campus, problem spots identified and cleaned. 3 tractor loads of paper and plastic waste, weighing around 724 kg was collected. Potential for improving waste segregation and littering awareness on the campus.

3. Autumn Muse (2019) -Greta Thunbergs’scall for action towards climate change - posters and videos displayed around the campus and at various events, including Innervate conference. One sided paper reused for majority of paperwork involved in the 4-day fest. Potential for waste reduction and profitability in the food and beverage aspect.

4. Eternal Grove - Garden of remembrance -Inaugurated on Jan 29, 2020. 3 years of relentless effort ranging from designing of the statue, fundraising, blueprints, location selection and construction. Continued upkeep and betterment of the space by planting of medicinal and endangered species.

5. Bring your own cup campaign – Movement to avoid paper cups for coffee and tea by bringing own cups. Huge success at SJMCH and SJRI through posters and active advocacy by students.

Ongoing projects – (on hold currently due to lockdown)
1. One sided paper collection drive-boxes have already been placed in lecture halls and in the Students Section
2. Planting of medicinal and endangered plant species in The Eternal Grove
3. Batch tree planting and upkeep
4. Clothes collection drive and promotion of reusing fabrics
5. Aerators for taps to conserve water
6. Waste composting ideas
7. Biogas plant ideas
8. Rainwater harvesting
9. Cloth bags throughout the hospital

Student Coordinators Founder Members Staff Mentors
For 2022-23
1. Malavika Rudrakumar (MBBS 2019)
2. Shristi Prasad (MBBS 2019)
3. Student Committee General Secretary (2022 – 23) – Neha Joe (MBBS 2019)

Previous Coordinators
1. Neha H Miranda and AthiliAnthony( MBBS2018)
2. Surbhi Agrawal (MBBS 2017)
3. Mahin Mundra (MBBS 2016)
4. Ann Jacob (MBBS 2015)
5. Dr Dev Anand Galagali (MBBS 2014)
Officially founded by Health and Humanities Division in 2015 by
1. Dr. MurtuzaGhiya (MBBS 2005)
2. Dr Rodney D_’Cunha (MBBS 2010)
3. Dr Ge-vivinVinister (MBBS 2010)
4. Dr Steve Babu (MBBS 2010)
5. Dr. Deveegan Chidambaram (MBBS 2012)
6. Dr Abraham George (MBBS 2013)
7. Dr Helena Makri (MBBS 2013)
1. Dr ManjulikaVaz(Health and Humanities Division)
2. Dr. Dominic Misquith(Department of Community Health -ex faculty)
3. Dr Deepthi Shanbag(Department of Community Health)
4. Dr. Soumya Umesh (Department of Medicine)
5. Dr. Meenakshi Bharath(Alumnus of SJMC )

Social Media Handles:
Instagram: @ecologics_sjmc

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