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The department is offering 2 seats in super speciality DNB- Rheumatology training under the National Board of Examinations – DNB since 2019. Prior to this a fellowship program for 2 years was being conducted. We are one of the first few centers in Karnataka to offer this course.

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Our patients are in the age group between 20-50 year and majority are females. These disorders require disease modifying drugs to keep their disease in remission. Majority require treatment and monitoring for lifetime. The monthly expenses for management runs between Rs 3,000 to Rs 20,000. Most patients under our care lack public health cover or medical insurance which can cover their expenses. Employees’ state insurance or company initiated health cover is accessible to <10 % of these patients.

We have initiated a patient support programme in the form of lupus support group which encourages group meetings, specialist inputs (psychology, dermatology, physiotherapy) during group meeting, inter individual counseling , social and financial support for those affected with lupus. Medical Social Worker (MSW) department in St John’s is highly supportive of this initiative. MSW is involved in organization of the group meetings, vocational rehabilitation of some of the patients and arranging funds for educational support. In addition “Autoimmune disease fund” which receives donation from philanthropic individuals and organizations has been initiated for financial needs of underprivileged patients.

A recent initiative has been identification of patient students and children of patients in the age group of 12-20y and distribution of tablets which enables them to be part of online education programs during COVID times.

Please check this link for further information on Lupus

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