• To promote a healthy lifestyle among the students and faculties within St. John’s Medical College. • To spread awareness of health and community related issues through cycling rallies.

Previous Activities (2021-22):
• Cycle rally and community outreach for diabetes awareness at Marasur on 5th December to commemorate World Diabetes Day
• Partnered with the council for active mobility and did a cycle rally to raise awareness on active lifestyle on the campus.
• Conducted Tour De Mugalur in partnership with the department of community medicine to raise awareness on chronic health diseases.
• Conducted leisurely cycling rides at least twice in a month.

Planned Events:
• Tour De Mugalur 2022
• Quarterly cycling rallies to raise awareness on chronic health disease with the Council for Active Mobility (CFAM)
• Leisurely cycling rides every Sunday for the JohniteCommunity

Student Coordinators Staff Mentors
1. Tejas Peter (MBBS 2017)
2. Neha Joe (Students Committee General Secretary “22-23)
Dr. Rashmi Rodrigues, Dept. of Community Medicine

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