In a college filled with creative minds the art club provides a platform for limitless expression.The arts club is a free creative space that is open to all, and urges all students and faculty of the institution to join aboard.

• Promote various artistic skills
• Inspire interest in various art forms
• Manage art events in college
• Spread social awareness via posters and other art pieces
• Encourage participation in intercollegiate art events
• Workshops on different forms of art
• Monthly artists and theme studies
• Art exhibition
• Collaboration with Department of psychiatry for suicide prevention month – digital magazine
• Collaboration with Department of transfusion medicine for world blood donor day

Student Coordinators Staff Mentors
1. Michelle Brine (batch of 2019)
2. SheethalMariat Bobby (batch of 2019)
3. Samar Walter (Cultural Secretary, Students Executive Committee 2022 – 23, MBBS 2019)
Dr. Daron Mascarenhas – PG, Department of Anatomy

Social Media Handles:
Instagram: @johnitefineartsclub

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