Kannada Classes for UGs

For: Language and Communication Skill Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Mr. Nanjundswamy

The MBBS course at St. John’s Medical College receives students from various states of the country. Hence the student population has a mix of various cultural and language backgrounds. These students eventually interact with patients and staff of St. John’s Hospital as part of their clinical postings, and at the St. John’s health centres as part of their rural postings. A significant number of these patients speak Kannada as their first language. The Institute conducts Kannada classes to enable students to communicate well with these patients. This programme was established in the earliest years of the Institute (before the University considered mandating language classes) and is attended by all MBBS students of the College. The classes are held as part of the first-year curriculum of the MBBS course. One hour per week of the first term has been dedicated to Kannada teaching. (Since the University mandate, 40 hours are dedicated to the programme.) During these sessions students learn basics of communication and medical terminologies in Kannada. The classes are compulsory with a minimum attendance requirement of 80%. The programme ends with a Kannada examination in which students are graded.

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