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Dr. Maria Lorette Lewin
Designation :Associate Professor
Department : Paediatrics
E-mail :


Life Member:

1. Indian Academy of Pediatrics
2. IAP – Bangalore Pediatric Society
3. IAP Chapter of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Pediatrics
4. Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy
5. IAP Child Neurology Chapter

1 Indian Academy of Pediatrics Position Paper on Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development . Indian Pediatrics, 28 Jun 20212

2.Barriers to Childhood Disability Care BCDC) A Pilot Survey DevelopmentalMedicine and Child Neurology Volume 60. Issue S2

Abstracts of 70th Annual Meeting of American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine Sept 20-24 2016 Hollywood, Florida


3.Impact of identification of developmental differences and early action (IDDEA): A Training Module. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology Volume 60. Issue S2

Abstracts of 30th Annual Meeting of European Academy of Childhood Disability( EACD) Tbilisi Georgia May 28-31

1. A study to determine the etiology of prolonged fever in a pediatric population using a protocol based approach -Guide for PG thesis

2. Prevalence and patterns of screen use among children below 5 years with developmental delay. – Guide for Fellowship thesis

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