“Be kind to all kind”
St. John’s Animal Welfare Club

St. John’s campus has a lot of animals (cats, dogs, birds, monkeys, etc.). We need to co-exist and be compassionate towards them. There are many students who love animals; and are enthusiastic to make the campus animal-friendly. Their vision is for a compassionate campus, where animals and humans can live in harmony.

We want to encourage and provide opportunities for our animal-loving students to help the animals on campus. Our club encourages volunteers from all batches and courses. The experience gained by students in the club will equip them carry their knowledge and skills forward to build a kinder world for all living beings.

● Promote health and well-being of all non-domesticated/non-caged animals on campus.
● Control and maintain a healthy population of animals.
● Encourage peaceful coexistence between humans and animals.
● Promote awareness on animal rights and ethical behaviors of humans towards animals.
● Prevent cruelty towards animals and extend the principles of compassion towards animals.

Key Activities
● For cats and dogs:
o Organize student-led on-campus deworming programs.
o Facilitate necessary vaccinations through collaborations with animal welfare organizations/veterinary clinics
o Spay/neuter animals, in collaboration with animal welfare organizations/veterinary clinics
o Rescue and rehabilitate injured/sick animals; with assistance from animal welfare organizations/veterinary clinics
o Feed animals, as required at designated locations
● For other animals (monkeys/birds)
o Collaborate with relevant animal welfare organization in rescue and rehabilitation, vaccination, and sterilization programs (as deemed by veterinarians)
● Non-field activities:
o Organize club meetings, sensitization sessions and expert talks on animal welfare.

Student Coordinators Staff Mentors
1. Ann Rose Aphrem (MBBS 2019)
2. Maria Sebastian (MBBS 2018)

Student Committee member:
Neha Joe (MBBS 2019)
1. Dr. Uttara Chari (Dept of Psychiatry)
2. Dr. DebaswetaPurkayastha(Dept of Psychiatry)

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