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Dr. Lalitha A V
Designation : Professor and Head
Department:Pediatric Intensive Care

MD, DNB Pediatrics, FNB Pediatrics Intensive Care, FACEE-PEM

Executive Board member of Indian academy of Pediatrics - Pediatric Intensive Care Chapter.
Senior instructor - IAP ALS & BLS course.
Program Director - DrNB Pediatric Intensive Care.
Teacher - IAP IDPCCM Course & RGUHS Fellowship course

1. Procalcitonin Level Guided Cessation of Antibiotic Therapy in Children with Sepsis :A Randomized Controlled Trial
2. Spectrum and outcome of pediatric oncological emergencies in a tertiary care centre of a developing country- A retrospective analysis
3.Fluid therapy in children with septic shock: Determining optimal volume of fluid boluses
4.A systems biology approach to define the host response in SARS-CoV-2 induced multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) with neurological manifestations
5.Biomarkers in children with severe Dengue
6.Trip (trauma research in paediatrics) collaborative network database
7. Multicenter observation study of critically injured children seen in emergency department & PICU
8.Designing and validating an algorithm to determine etiological agents associated with acute encephalitis syndrome of pediatric patients

Septic shock, ARDS, Genomics

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