Post Graduate Ethics

For: Soft Skill Development, Language and Communication Skill Development, Human Value Development, Personality and Professional Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Dr. Johnson Pradeep

In the Covid era, online sessions were taken. In the Interns Ethics debates, interns are asked to debate on topical issues and take questions from the faculty audience too. In 2018, the PG ethics sensitization course was started for the 2nd year PGs. It was designed as a bimonthly programme spanning over 6 months. The topics ranged various aspects of ethics- clinical, research and personal. In its second year- due to Covid pandemic situation- the last session was held online. About 50 students fulfilled the participation requirements to get the completion certificate. For the Ethics MBBS classes done online- MCQs were done on GEMS. Students submit reflections and assignments as part of Foundation Course Ethics and AETCOM. An exam was held for PGs but many did not take it. Performance in MCQs is not mandated to get a pass, but is a learning exercise.    

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