Problem Based Learning

For: Analytical Skill Development, Personality and Professional Development, Employability Skill Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Dr. Nachiket

Problem based learning (PBL) is an educational method that is centred on the discussion and learning that emanates from a clinical problem. The small group setting used in PBL encourages an inquisitive and detailed look at all issues, concepts and principles contained within the problem. It is a way of learning which encourages deep understanding rather than mere superficial coverage of information. In the process of working in groups, students also learn valuable skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and leadership. These skills are not often emphasized in the formal curriculum, but are essential to becoming a competent clinician. The time spent outside of the group setting facilitates the development of skills such as literature retrieval, critical appraisal of available information and the seeking of opinions of peers and specialists. Problem based learning encourages students to become more involved and responsible for their own learning.

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