Rural Orientation Programme

For: Soft Skill Development, Language and Communication Skill Development, Personality and Professional Development, Employability Skill Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Department of Community Medicine

As part of their undergraduate training in Community Medicine, the students of MBBS Phase I at SJMC have been undergoing the Rural Orientation Program. This is a rural residential program for students conducted annually since January 1979.The program has been held now for over 40 years, from even before the Medical Council of India (MCI)’s Graduate Medical Education regulations came into force.

The aim of these programs is to sensitize undergraduate medical students to life in rural settings and to equip them with essential public health skills so that they become doctors who are sensitive to needs of persons in rural areas.

During the ROP, family and community study experiences enable students to interact with village folk and learn rural economics, education, occupation, housing, food, family life, local governance, child rearing and healthcare systems using topic guides. A daily review and presentation of their activities in the field helps students to improve communication skills. “Monsoons” – a simulation exercise puts students in the homes of village farmers and in their social situations. In the session on nutrition demonstration, students procure raw food items from the local village market and cook common nutritious foods. The “child-to-child” programme trains students to teach school children common health issues. The community programs, including street play, provides students with a platform to impart health education to the community. A module for step-by-step implementation of the ROP has been prepared to ensure quality and standardization of instruction.    

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