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In a college like St. John's with enormous literary potential, a literary society is the need of the hour. The Quillosophical Society is a student initiative to address this.

Founded: 23rd Feb 2018by AiswaryaSasi, Literary Secretary 2018-19.

The Quillosophical Society is all-inclusive. We encourage active participation from every student in the institution, be it MBBS, AHS, BSc, or PG and also from faculty.

• promote student writing and speaking skills,
• emphasise the need for the medical student to have an opinion and a resounding voice.
• bring together people and be the bridge across batches of those with a common interest in all things related to language and thought.
• A forum of discussion on both the written and spoken word

• Workshops on creative writing skills, poetry skills, debating skills, public speaking skills,
• Reading works that inspire and self-composed works,
• Reviewing books and literary works
• Participating in various contests
• Conducting and participating in various literary competitions and conferences
• Manages both the official Instagram page and blog for widening the scope and reach of activities
• Publishes the college magazine annually

Student Coordinators Staff Mentors
1. Megha Mariam George (Batch of 2019, literary secretary 2022-23)
2. Bimal saju (Batch of 2019)
3. Linda Ann Joseph (Batch of 2019)

Previous Coordinators
1. AiswaryaSasi (2018-19)
2. Thanmayi GS (2019-20)
3. Reuban Roshy (2020-21)
4. Dhwani Ravi (2021-22)
1. Dr. Kavery Nambisan- alumnus,St. John's Medical College and a well-acclaimed author, adjunct faculty Health and Humanities Division, SJRI
2. Dr Olinda Timms, Adjunct Faculty, Health and Humanities Division
3. Dr ManjulikaVaz, Health and Humanities Division, SJRII

Social Media Handles:

Contact details-
Mail id: qui.society@gmail.com
Instagram handle: @qui.soc

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