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Anaesthesiology plays a vital role in multiple areas in the hospital as part of emergency response teams to act quickly and skilfully so every patient may receive adequate, quality care for a chance at survival. Teams in collaboration with other departments in the hospital work on rotation to be immediately available to perform basic and advanced life support as needed. Regular de-briefing and training occur so that skills and prompt action can be improved.

During the pandemic the department of anaesthesia played a crucial role , being a part of multiple intensive care teams , working multiple shifts, so that the large numbers of very sick patients from our city and outside maybe given the best , most recent available treatment for their quick recovery and discharge.

A separate team rotates in the COVID Operation theatres to provide anaesthesia care for COVID positive patients needing emergency procedures so that management is not delayed until the patient recovers from COVID19. Multiple COVID positive pregnant women have delivered by Caesarean section. Over 80 patients who were COVID positive and developed mucormycosis have been operated in the COVID theatres during their hospital stay. More than 50 emergency surgeries have been performed on COVID positive patients so that timely management could improve overall outcomes.

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