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Dr. Anita R Bijoor
Designation : Professor and Head


Sl No. Title of Paper Authors Reference of Journal Year of Publication Link
1 Value of Ascitic Fluid Cholesterol and Serum-Ascites Albumin gradient in differentiating cirrhotic and malignancy related Ascites. Anita R.Bijoor and T.Venkatesh Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, 16(1), 106-109 2001 10.1007/BF02867577
2 The value of serum and urinary n-Telopeptide in the diagnosis of osteoporosis” N Jayaram, AR Bijoor, N Rajagopalan, T Venkatesh Indian Journal of Orthopedics . Volume : 36   Issue : 2  Page : 9 2002 Corpus ID: 221296929
3 Faecal content in healthy Indian adults by the Acid Steatocrit Method Anita R.Bijoor, S.Geetha and T.Venkatesh Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry.2004 19(2) 20-22 2004 10.1007/BF02894252
4 Genetic susceptibility to lead poisoning Anita R. Bijoor, and T. Venkatesh Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, 2007; 22(2) 162-163 2007 10.1007/BF02913338
5 Metabolic disease with single gene mode of inheritance – review” Sayee Rajangam, Anita R. Bijoor, Perinatology 2007: vol 9 (3); 136-149. 2007 mode_of_inheritance_-_Review
6 Lead toxicity in a family as a result of Occupational Exposure” Aryapu Raviraja,Gaja Narayanamurthy Vishal Babu Anita Raghuveer Bijoor, Geraldine Menezes and T.Venkatesh Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology. 2008 :59 147-153 2008 10.2478/10004-1254-59-2008-1861
7 Neurochemical and Neurobehavioral Effects of Low Lead Exposure on the Developing Brain Anita R. Bijoor , S. Sudha , T. Venkatesh Ind J Clin Biochem, 2012; Volume 27, Issue 2 (2012), Page 147-151 2012 10.1007/s12991-012-0190-2
8 “Short Term Effect of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga on Lipid and Hormone Profile of Type 2 Diabetic Patients.” Vedamurthachar A, Anita R. Bijoor, Agte Vaishali, Swathi Reddy and Lakshmi B. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences Vol. 1(9), 83-86, Dec. (2011) 2011
9 LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) Ratio Equally Useful As Saag (Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient) In Diagnosing And Differentiating Cirrhotic Ascites And Tuberculous Ascites Dr. Kavitarati Dharwadkar and Dr. Anita R Bijoor –International Journal of Science Innovations and Discoveries 2013 3 (2),297 -304. 2013
10 “ Utility of Antioxidant Gap in Acute Myocardial Infarction” Dr Shilpa H. D and Anita R. Bijoor Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences – Vol 2 Issue 32 August 12, 2013 Pages- 6015-6024 2013 10.14260/jemds/1092
11 Malondialdehyde as a marker of lipid peroxidation in acute myocardial infarction patients’ Dr Shilpa H. D and Anita R. Bijoor MRIMS Journal of Health Sciences – Vol 1 Issue 1January –June 2013 Pages- 20-22 2013  MRIMS : Journal of Health Sciences ISSN 2321-7006
12 Evaluation of Serum Vitamin B12, Folic acid and Homocysteine levels in Stroke Patients- Jyothi D.N, Anita R. Bijoor and Gosala R K Sarma International Journal of Biomedical Research 2017; 8(10): 566-571. 2017 10.7439/IJBR.V8110.4418
13 Correlating Serum Ceruloplasmin and Troponin I levels in patients diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction Sweta Das, Anita R. Bijoor JMSCR – Vol-05 Issue 11 November Page 30930-30933 2017

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