Research - Community Medicine

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Faculty In charge

Sakhi – Work Place Health Intervention

Bobby Joseph/Naveen Ramesh

HER health Project

Bobby Joseph/Naveen Ramesh

3M Health Services Project

Bobby Joseph/Naveen Ramesh

Occupational Health Services at SJNAHS

Bobby Joseph/Naveen Ramesh

HER health Return on Investment Project

Bobby Joseph

Health of young girls in garment industries in Tamil Nadu

Bobby Joseph/Nancy Angeline

Senior Citizen Health Service

Arvind Kasthuri/ Pretesh Kiran

Grama Hiriyara Kendra Pilot Project- A study to document the usefulness of Geriatric Day care centres in select rural areas of Bangalore Urban District

Pretesh Kiran/ Arvind Kasthuri

Asha Dhwani – community based ear care

Deepthi N S

Drishti – community based eye care

Deepthi N S

Community Based Rehabilitation

Deepthi N S

Maanasi – Community mental health program

B Ramakrishna Goud

Rural Non communicable disease clinics

Farah N F/ Twinkle Agrawal

Maternal and child Health

Sulekha T/ Avita Johnson

Gynaecological oncology services

Sulekha T

HOPE study

Prem Mony /Farah N F/ Twinkle Agrawal


Twinkle Agrawal/ Farah N F

Effectiveness of color coded diabetic control monitoring charts among elderly diabetics attending outreach geriatric clinics in rural Karnataka- an open labeled randomized control trial

Farah N F/ Twinkle Agrawal/ Arvind Kasthuri

HOPE Econ - Economic evaluation of Economic Evaluation of models for integration of mental health with primary care in rural Karnataka, South India.

Farah N F

Nexus Project – Waste Water usage for agriculture in Mugalur Gram Panchayat Area

B Ramakrishna Goud/ Nancy A

Randomized Trial of mobile phone based adherence support (mTBsupport) for Tuberculosis in India.

Rashmi Rodrigues

Use of the miDOT application for video based Directly Observed Therapy in India

Rashmi Rodrigues

Social Capital and Maternal and child health outcomes

Avita Johnson

Stress, Burnout and self-esteem among health care workers in tertiary hospitals

Avita Johnson

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