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Dr Gayathri Ravikumar
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department: Pathology


11 years

Sugara M, Ramesh RS, Ravikumar G. Rare Sarcoma of Breast- Primary Osteosarcoma International Journal Of Scientific Research. 2021 April; 10(4):67-68 sarcoma-of-breast-primary-osteosarcoma_April_2021_7683615916_0631048.pdf

Funded: Gayatri R, Co-I: Julian Crasta, Rajalakshmi T, Premlatha TS “Expression patterns of p53 and p16 immunohistochemistry in vulvar squamous neoplasias and its correlation with morphological subtyping of HPV independent and HPV associated lesions.”

Gynecological Pathology, Placental Pathology

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