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Dr. Uttara Chari
Designation :Associate Professor
Department : Psychiatry

M.Sc (Clinical Psychology); M.Phil;Ph.D

Professional Life Member – Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists

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• Chari, U., Shah, A. &Venkatsubramanian, G. (2009). Role of psychological assessment in adult patients with psychiatric disorders: Three case reports. Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry, 25(1-2), 56-60.

Primary Investigator:

Title – Identifying behavioral markers for mental wellbeing through digital phenotyping
Funding – None
Initiated – 2021
Status – Ongoing

Co-Primary Investigator:

Title – Impact of COVID-19 on learning and behavior of children with special needs.
Funding – Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India
Initiated – 2021
Status – Ongoing


• Title – Impact and feasibility of a clinical teaching programme in Psychiatry for undergraduate medical students
Funding – None
Initiated – 2019
Status – Ongoing

• Title – A multi-centric randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of telephone based psychosocial interventions on future risk in suicide attempters
Funding – Indian Council of Medical Research
Initiated – 2018
Status – Ongoing

• Title – Peer facilitated health promoting intervention among HIV infected adolescents
Funding – Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Year – 2017
Status – Completed

• Title – To develop a culturally sensitive measure to screen for depression in teenagers in India
Funding – Miami University, U.S.A.
Initiated – 2016
Status – Completed

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