Services - Bio Statistics

Statistical consultation services
The department offers statistical guidance to all post graduate students of the academy for their dissertation work and provide statistical consultation service to all researchers and faculties who are in need within the academy in a collaborative manner. The consultation service is aimed to facilitate the young researchers in all aspects of conducting a clinical study by helping them choose the right study design, calculate appropriate sample size and choose appropriate statistical technique to answer their research objectives.

The department also provides statistical consultation for researchers in other health care institutions.

Additional services offered by the department include Data entry, Data management and Report preparation.

* The department offers PhD program in Biostatistics affiliated with Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
* The department provides quality education in Biostatistics to undergraduate and post graduate Medical, Nursing and Allied health science students of the academy. Our teaching emphasizes on understanding the biostatistical concepts and application of those in clinical research.

Department conducts series of workshop on different statistical methods to medical and public health researchers. We also provide training on different statistical software to perform data analysis. The motivation behind conducting workshops and training courses is to develop skill in quantitative methods among the students, researchers and faculties in the field of public health, health science and medicine. The vision of the department is to partner in the advancement of science for the betterment of health of the nation.

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