Services - Microbiology

  1. Bacteriology – Culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing done on various clinical samples and body fluids. Automated culture, automated identification and susceptibility testing using conventional and automated techniques. We have upgraded to include the MALDI TOF for rapid identification of bacteria and fungi

  2. Anaerobic bacteriology

  3. Serology and Virology –Automated and semiautomated systems

  4. Mycology – Culture and identification of infections caused by fungi

  5. Mycobacteriology – Diagnostic tests for tuberculosis (microscopy, culture, susceptibility, CBNAAT)

  6. Immunology – Tests to detect allergic diseases

  7. Parasitology – Identification of parasites

  8. Molecular tests to detect an array of pathogens, Covid-19 molecular test (rt-PCR and Gene xpert) and antigen detection for covid -19. Film array panel based molecular detection for syndrome-based diagnosis.

Additional services

1.HIV testing for ICTC and PPTCT
2.Designated Microscopy centre for RNTCP
3.Surveillance cultures for Operation theatre, renal dialysis unit, water
4.Hospital Infection Control activities
5.ICU rounds and clinical advisory services
6.Antimicrobial stewardship

Services – Extramural

1.Offering diagnostic expertise as well as advisory services

2.External Students’ training– internship, observership and project-based programs for Ug and PG students

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