Services - Neurosurgery

Our focus has been on complex, innovative, brain & spinal surgeries which are cost-effective and safe.

Neuroendoscopy, Pituitary tumour surgery, Neurovascular surgery, Functional & Stereotactic surgery, Minimally Invasive Brain & Spine surgery, 24x7 Neurotrauma & other Neuro emergencies, Neuro Oncology & Skull Base surgery, Epilepsy surgery including Vagal Nerve Stimulation are some of the neurosurgical procedures we routinely perform.

The Department has several ’state-of-art’ equipment. We have two high end operating microscopes (Pentero 900 and OH5); Neuronavigation (Medtronics S8 Stealth Station with complete range of accessories - Navigable drill, navigable microscope, navigable ultrasound etc), Neuroendoscope (Karl Storz–LOTTA), Ultra Sonic suction apparatus (Stryker), Pneumatic& Electric drills (Midas Rex), C-arm equipment (Phillips), Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery system (Medtronics), several skull clamps (Mayfield, Sugita etc.) besides routine micro neurosurgical instruments.

Almost all our elective cranial and spinal surgeries are done with Microscope, Neuroendoscope, Neuronavigation, Intra-operative Fluorescence, Intra-operative Neuromonitoring or C-Arm guidance.

Dr. Shailesh A.V. Rao
Professor & Head
Dept. of Neurosurgery

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