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Mrs. Jennifer Valentina Austin Dsouza
Designation :Lecturer
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MPT - Adult Neurosciences

"Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP)
Society of Indian Physiotherapists (SIP)
Global Consortium of Stroke Rehabilitation (GCSR)
International Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Alliance (ISRRA)"

Exploring factors that influence trunk recovery post stroke
KINOVEA Software analysis for facial palsy assessment,
Action observation for upper limb recovery post stroke,
Knowledge and perspectives of spinal cord injury rehabilitation in India,
Knowledge and perspectives about cognitive deficits in stroke survivors undergoing rehabilitation in India
Electrical stimulation and exercises effect on trunk recovery post stroke
Prowling effects on spastic lower limb in stroke
s Shoe lift on normal side: how does it affect posture and balance post stroke?

Gait Rehabilitation, EMG Analysis, Stroke Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Parkinson's Rehabilitation

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