Student Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

St John's Medical College is committed to protecting the rights of students which include providing a safe and secure environment for learning and be treated with dignity and respect. To be able to provide this we also expect the following responsibilities from our students.

1. Attend classes regularly and on time: Students are expected to attend all theory and practical classes, and clinics regularly and without fail. They are expected to be punctual at all times.

2. Treat the Faculty, wardens, other staff, and all students with respect.

3. Treat patients and their relatives with respect and in a professional manner.

4. Always display their ID cards and cooperate with security personnel for temperature checks etc

5. Strictly abstain from drugs, alcohol and smoking: Students if found consuming or in possession with drugs are liable to be suspended immediately and may be liable for prosecution. Drinking and smoking in the hostel rooms and campus are strictly prohibited and may elicit disciplinary action.

6. Bullying and Ragging are strictly prohibited: Inflicting physical/ psychological distress on other students or staff is prohibited and may be construed as ragging. Students involved in ragging will be liable to expulsion from the college in addition to criminal prosecution.

7. Be sensitive towards other students with regard to gender, religion, origin, ethnicity, social class, and language spoken, and not pass any derogatory or insulting remarks that may hurt the sentiments of others. St John's Medical College does not distinguish anyone based on the above and expects the same from all the students also.

8. Phones and social media: Students are expected not to use their mobiles during a lecture or practical. Further, it is advisable that they restrict their time on social media and gaming sites as they will have a tight schedule of classes and a packed curriculum.

9. Plagiarism and copying: Students are always expected to hand in original work for their assignments and not copy from other students and the internet. Copying during examinations is strictly prohibited leading to suspension.

10. Dress code: All students are expected to be clean, neat and properly dressed. They shall observe modes of dress and personal grooming appropriate for a medical college.

11. Criminal and other activities: Threats of violence, stealing, damage to college and hostel property are strictly prohibited.

12. Students staying in the hostels will strictly follow the rules of the hostels and obey the wardens at all times.

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