Hostel Facilities on Campus

The institute provides hostel facitlites to all its students. The hostels are located on campus and have easy access to the college facilities. Each hostel is supervised by a resident warden who is a teaching faculty of the institute or part of the administrative committee. The warden is available on campus at all times and can be approached by the students at any time and forms the first point of contact for redressal of students’ grievances. The admission to the hostel is streamlined through an online application process (on admission) and approved immediately through the associate director’s offices. Hostelites have access to a hostel manger for their room maintainences needs.

For Boys For Girls
Hostel Block Accommodation Hostel Block Accommodation
Assisi Block Single rooms (75) Mother Theresa Single Room (219), Double
Sharing (108)
Baptist Block Single rooms (75) Alphonsa A Block Double Sharing (30)
Chavara Block Single rooms (75) Alphonsa B Block Single Rooms (15), Double
Sharing (15), Three sharing (3)
Damian Block Single rooms (75) Alphonsa C Block Single Rooms (6), Double
Sharing (39), Three sharing (3)
Nirmala Block Single rooms (75) Little Flower Hostel A block Single Room (38), Double
Sharing (3), Four Sharing (34)
Mercy Hostel Single room (38), Double sharing
(21), Four sharing (2), Six sharing
(14), Eight sharing (12)
Little Flower Hostel B block Single Room (96), Four Sharing (40)

Hostel Facilities Provided:
• Multiple tiers of hostel rooms are provided based on the need of the students – single, double sharing, four sharing or eight sharing.
• Students are provided with a bed, wash basin, wardrobe and a study table in their rooms.
• Students have easy access to facilities like the sports grounds, gym facilities, table tennis, badminton, dining rooms and religious services

Mess Timings:
Breakfast 7:30 am to 8:30am
Lunch 12:30pm to 2:00pm
Afternoon Snacks 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Dinner 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Hostel policy for students Wardens and Contact Details

Hostel Application (after Admission) Maintenance Portal

Hostel Manager: Mr. Himanth 7981593999

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