Overview - Anesthesiology

The Department of Anaesthesiology at St. John’s Medical College Hospital was first started in the 1970s. The department then, had a small group of dedicated faculty and only 3 post graduates in training each year.Since then, the department has grown tremendously, both in number and in expertise. The team now has over 20 faculty members , 18 senior residents and 37 postgraduates, all playing a vital role in the safe and ethical perioperative management of patients.

Many accomplished faculty members have trained and worked across the country and the world.There is a continuous learning and teaching program in place where students are encouraged to work, practise and master the skills and knowledge needed to be proficient in their field.The team is committed toevidence -based practices with continuous quality improvement, so that our patients may receive the latest, best and affordable health care possible.

The OT complex has 23 theatres spanning over three floors with approximately 50-60 surgeries per day. Each OT is equipped with state of the art infrastructure including the latest anaesthesia workstations, monitors, airway equipment,and regional equipment along with surgical equipment for safe clinical practice. In addition, the anaesthesiology department extends their services to procedures outside of the Operating Room- MRI, Endoscopic procedures, interventional neuroradiology and cardiac interventions.

The Department also oversees patient management in the 10 bedded Surgical ICU, for the continued monitoring and management of surgical patients in the postoperative period.

All of this is achieved through collaboration with various surgical specialties with the higher purpose of providing patient-centric care.

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