Mentorship Program


Mentoring is a relationship between an experienced and empathetic person (the mentor) and a less experienced junior/student (the mentee), with an aim of fostering professional and personal development for the mentee. A mentoring relationship involves direct interaction between mentor and mentee, providing psychological support and assistance for professional development of the mentee. The mentor also serves as a role-model for the mentee.

In the initial days of St John’s Medical College in the 1960s, Koramangala was considered outskirts of Bangalore and the campus was pretty secluded. At that time, the only people were the students in the hostels and the faculty in the staff quarters. To bring in a connection between the two, to have a family like member in the campus, to guide, learn and interact the mentorship was started in an informal way. As times progressed and those students became faculty, the importance of mentorship was understood and made into a regular part of the campus. Now this has been made more formal with a committee and an administrative cell catering to 150 MBBS students every year.

St. John’s National Academy strongly believes in bettering of their students and having the core competency imparted to each of the graduating student. The Institution strongly believes that these core values can be given not just by quality teaching, but also by individual attention given to them.

That’s why the mentorship program is a core student service in the campus with more mentors coming in every year to enthusiastically support the students.

Objectives of a mentorship program at SJMC:
1. To provide a safe environment that encourages and fosters reflection, promote self-care and wellness, guide personal development,
2. To provide a resource for students seeking guidance, enhance team building and problem-solving skills, and assist in career exploration
3. To benefit the medical students in advancement of clinical care, more productive research programs, and an increased commitment to teaching.

Mentorship Handbook Mentorship Policy

Contact Details

College Counsellor

Ms. Sangeeta Dinanath
Room - 213, 1st floor,
Robert Koch block
Phone: +91-9591990404/080- 49466119

Mentoring Coordinator

Dr. Deepthi Shanbagh
Department of Community
Medicine, 1st Floor, College building
Phone: 080-22065062/49466133

Vice-Dean (UG)

Dr. Anuradha Ananthamurthy
Vice-Dean office,
Ground floor, College building
Phone: 080-49466012

HOD, Psychiatry

Dr. S.M. Manohari
3rd floor, Unit of Hope building
Phone: 080-22065460

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