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Dr. Anil Vasudevan P
Designation :Professor
Department : Paediatric Nephrology


21 years and I absolutely love what I do. My goal is to provide the highest level of care for children with kidney diseases to help them maintain good health. My clinical interest includes Nephrotic syndrome, kidney diseases with genetic cause, acute kidney injury and acute dialysis while my research is focussed on understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms of kidney diseases particularly nephrotic syndrome and tubular diseases.

Patent Application: Low cost PD cycler device Intramural:
a. Member, PhD Committee, St. John’s Research Institute
b. Member, Genetic Board, St. John’s Medical College Hospital
c. Member, PhD Committee, St. John’s Research Institute
d. Chairs of Doctoral Advisory Committee for several PhD students
e. Member, BIOSAFETY Committee, St. John’s Research Institute

a. Member, Curriculum Committee for Pediatrics, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science
b. Member, Board of Studies (Pediatric Nephrology), Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute (SGPI), Lucknow
c. Member, Curriculum Committee (Ped Nephrology), Kerala University of Health Sciences

National Positions:
a. Member, Expert group for competency-based guidelines for DM Pediatric Nephrology, Medical Council of India
b. Member, Academic Committee, Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology
c. Convener, Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology - Guidelines on Acute Kidney Injury in Children
d. Core member, Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology - Guidelines on evaluation and management of antenatal diagnosed hydronepbrosis, Hemolytic uremic syndrome, stroid resistant nephrotic syndrome
e. Member, Editorial Borad Indian Journal of Nephrology

International Position :
a. Webmaster Asian Pediatric Nephrology Association (
b. Member, Task force of Tubular disorders Asian society of Pediatric Nephrology
c. Member, Editorial Board, Asian Journal of Pediatric Nephrology

Genetic and cellular correlates of Lowe’s oculocerebro-renal syndrome (OCRL) in the Indian population (Duration: 4 years)
Molecular pathology of lupus nephritis (Co guide)

Efficacy of low dose, short course prednisolone regimen for relapse of steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome in children: A multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled trial (Proposal ID: 2021-1086)

Genetics, Nephrotic syndrome, Pediatric AKI and acute dialysis

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